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Turn your house plant into a flowering beauty. These happy stained glass flowers make wonderful flower pot ornaments, giving any plant an extra splash of color. These flowers are made from a stipple glass which glows amazingly in the afternoon sun.

These suncatcher window charms are crafted from a variety of stipple stained glass. They each have a pair of leaves cut from green white stipple glass and a glass nugget for its center. The stained glass flowers are individually constructed using steel, copper and lead-free silver solder. Each flower measures 5 inches across and its steam 14-16 inches long. The lower 4 inches of the steam will stick into the soil. Each stained glass flower steam is heavy gauge steel with an unique bottom to hold these beauties standing tall for years to come. I will make your flower in any color combinations you choice so that they will match your room perfectly. Please specify your color choice in the order instruction field during checkout.

$50 each flower
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